About Us

Who We Are

Hoffman Associates brings value in several ways to those we serve. As global estate planning advisers, the information, training, consultation, products and services we offer provide several types of estate planning and administrative assistance:

  • Save you money
  • Keep you in control of your advisory team
  • Asset protection
  • Family strength
  • Heir readiness
  • Your definition of estate planning
  • Better understanding of your legacy, priorities, family, true wealth
  • Personal advice
  • Unique experiences
  • Connections, tools, and resources


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Our Process


A Detailed Analysis

We take a look at your business structure, goals, and how your income, deductions and capital assets are built. We will especially look at Intellectual Property, trade secrets, email lists, and income generating funnels as reclassification opportunities. We will look for opportunities of passive income through rents, leases, royalties, and licenses as well as opportunities for additional deductions.


Goal Alignment

Do your goals accurately reflect what is really important to you? And does your business structure reflect that? Are there alternative ways to approach your goals that might be more productive, more powerful, and more reflective of what successful multi-generational families do? Are you unintentionally handicapping your business or increasing risks unnecessarily? We will help you to see the opportunities and seize them.



What if you could pay taxes on only what you need rather than on what your business(es) are earning? We give you options which allow you to control more money, grow with more money, and have your own family bank. How much will you save and how much benefit will you enjoy with any alternative structures? Let us show you!

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